New Job - Week One

Hey friends, it’s been a hot minute since I put out an update and things have been a little hectic lately as I settle into a new job.

That’s right, after years of searching and chipping away I finally landed a job in infosec!….

Just kidding.

Even with having attained the eJPT, stabbed at the OSCP and (a need actually) to get back to Red Team Operator… I still couldn’t break into that unruly bastard that is infosec ‘proper’.

I’ll be honest, for the last month or so I had been debating turning my back on being a ‘professional bad guy for the good guys’ and pivoting to something new… learning Kubernetes and Docker had me looking into the DevOps and DevSecOps lifestyle which became tempting as I had a good friend offer some solid advice via LinkedIn a while back.

As time went on I realized I can’t not help people and help protect others (just look at the posts for FUD Fighters to see why protecting others is of massive importance), that’s not the person I am.

So while new job is awesome and holy crap it’s going to help pay the bills, I am going to keep chipping away at infosec and eventually get my way in there, it may take longer but at least this way I am doing things like paying off debt, saving to buy a monitor, saving in general TBH… you know fun stuff lke that.

Since I have this job it does mean though that my time has been a little better structured.

I Still have my morning routine i.e. hack > game > learn, which has been working phenomenally and I am happy to report I have currently (today) attained a 52 day streak on TryHackMe:


Surprisingly, it’s fun to maintain now, not a chore. It sort of scratches that itch of earning Achievements on the Xbox once again.

With this structure comes time to actually work on the shed load of machine write-ups and guides, I’m even warming up to taking on AtlasOS again, just can’t decide if it should be a tweet(X) thread or a video.

Either way, with bringing some funds into the household again, a sigh of relief has been let out and I can start getting back on with things.

Be safe all and I’ll see you all next post! 🤙

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