Disproving DNS Snake Oil

Hey Friends, Those who know me know that I have been working for a long time to combat a Snake Oil peddler on LinkedIn.

I’ve had an attack on my account as well as my followers and passing by that may share or enjoy my content.

It’s been a long process however as time has gone on it’s become a lot easier to deal with, expose the lies and share the truth.

Well as they saying goes ‘you can’t beat a dead horse’ but he still tries, so I figure after my last post it’s to use advanced tactics…

Nu Wave Thinking

I’ve said this many times, I love sharing my knowledge, my experience, everything I can and as such I thought it’s time to actually get back into content creation a-la video.

Accordingly, after 32 takes I managed to ‘one and done’ this gem of an informational video.

I don’t mince words, this man has been essentially stealing from small businesses, so it’s time to show his following how easy it is to disprove his claims:

I hope people find this helpful, I wanted to share just how easy it is to fact check his claims and if his following sees this and discovers they have been backing the wrong horse this entire time, I hope that they do the right thing.

For now, be safe out there, it’s a big wide intenet and there are a lot more con men out there waiting to steal your money!



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