Tool Highlight - The OSINT Framework

It’s a quick update from me, I’ve been cracking away in the mines of LinkedIn and disproving SnakeOil like a professional but I wanted to quickly show a highlight that I have discovered:

The OSINT Framework - LINK

I’ve been playing around with this and learning more and more OSINT techniques as a way to do as much research as possible wihtout ever touching a target.

Why is OSINT important?

In a Red Team scenario it might be beneficial to look externally for things related to your target, it can open your eyes to new methode of exploitation and it helps refine your mindset to continue to think outside the box.

It’s beautifully laid out and easy to follow especially when you find new information and follow a different fork of investigation, an example below:


Personally I’ve been using it to see about the shady tactics and dodgy dealings persons have been doing.

I tell you something through you can end up on some right rabbit holes so be sure to keep your head on a swivil.

Be sure to check it out!

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