Moving the blog to Azure?

Hey Friends, I wanted to put up a quick post in addition the Youtube Video I created the other day pertaining to the blog and possibly pushing it to Azure as opposed to GitHub pages.

I really enjoy being able to not only create content but also push the technical skill I have along with it.

As per my last post commenting that I would love to work for Microsoft I figure that learning Azure will help me both in furthering my knowledge into cloud architecture and the DevOps/DevSecOps side of things and also give me a better understanding of ‘how Microsoft does it’.


I love sharing my knowledge, I like to think I have a bit of a knack for it so sharing it as freely as possible is of great importance to me.

GitHub pages allows me to create a static website and push updates to it as often as I please, costs £0 also.

Now Azure on the other hand, this would involve likely a monthly fee for the server running, learning .NET, learning how to host my content locally to test things and then push to the cloud like I do with GitHub pages already…

It’s a lot of work.

At present and without a job, I prefer to do things as free as possible, accordingly the following video is me setting up an Azure instance with the awesome DasBlog-Core from poppastring.

Using this I was able to get up and running with DasBlog in a matter of ~30 minutes flat.

For now, my blog will remain on GitHub Pages, once I get into work and start to get comfortable again I’m going to have another look into DasBlog and see what I can get working.

I hope people find this educational and I hope to do more video content in the future.

Thank you and be safe.


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