That’s right (K8s) pronounced kate’s, that is what I am looking into at the moment, I figured it might be nice to diversify my learning.

I’m already absolutely smashing learning back on TryHackMe:


See, been busy.

I’ve found a good balance now my son is back at school so early mornings are all about hacking on TryHackMe, after he is in school it’s playing a game for a little while (yeh I know games during the day shock)

I’m currently playing WatchDogs Legion as I haven’t got around to it yet and I am hopeful that I can pick up another game (Hitman World of Assassination).

After that, it’s back to learning and in this case, I figured the Kubernetes course on The Linux Foundation website would be a good one… I can’t afford the paid track so I won’t get a certificate or knowledge checks at the end of every chapter but my brain is doing that absorbing thing and I am learning a lot.

I’m hopeful I can put together a project at the end of this as a way to show off my skills in k8s and whack that on the ‘ol CV.

I’ve been considering a pivot in security as I can’t get a pentesting role for s**t so watch this space, may end up reinventing myself.

For now, be well and I’ll keep doing what I am doing.


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