Wax on, Wax off

So as you know I have been busy lately, THM streak is going strong on 14 days and hundereds of questions answered, seems my early morning hack followed by reward game followed by ‘normal’ learning is going well!

I picked up on this idea of ‘Deliberate Practice’ from our lord and savior, Scott Hanselman, in particular this video:

It’s been a good way of doing things.

I actually ‘feel’ better for getting work done, it’s allowed me to have free time during the day to get household things done, like laundry and pot washing, man jobs for big manly men like me!

I’m going to try and edit some of my CTF notes and get them up here, it’ll all be free stuff so I’m not breaking any CTF laws.. I just figure its a good way of showing my technical writing skills as well as keep my blog updated.

Also if it helps others, then I am all for it, needing to inspire the next generation and all that. We have our up days and we have our down days.

For now, be safe and keep on chipping away at that task or thing you are doing!


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