HTB Walkthrough - Find The Easy Pass

Managed to bring this blog post out of the mothballs and get it up.

A quick guide/walkthrough for ‘Find The Easy Pass’ on HackTheBox

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Disproving DNS Snake Oil

Hey Friends, Those who know me know that I have been working for a long time to combat a Snake Oil peddler on LinkedIn.

I’ve had an attack on my account as well as my followers and passing by that may share or enjoy my content.

It’s been a long process however as time has gone on it’s become a lot easier to deal with, expose the lies and share the truth.

Well as they saying goes ‘you can’t beat a dead horse’ but he still tries, so I figure after my last post it’s to use advanced tactics…

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Tool Highlight - The OSINT Framework

It’s a quick update from me, I’ve been cracking away in the mines of LinkedIn and disproving SnakeOil like a professional but I wanted to quickly show a highlight that I have discovered:

The OSINT Framework - LINK

I’ve been playing around with this and learning more and more OSINT techniques as a way to do as much research as possible wihtout ever touching a target.

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Moving the blog to Azure?

Hey Friends, I wanted to put up a quick post in addition the Youtube Video I created the other day pertaining to the blog and possibly pushing it to Azure as opposed to GitHub pages.

I really enjoy being able to not only create content but also push the technical skill I have along with it.

As per my last post commenting that I would love to work for Microsoft I figure that learning Azure will help me both in furthering my knowledge into cloud architecture and the DevOps/DevSecOps side of things and also give me a better understanding of ‘how Microsoft does it’.

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