Quick Update


So as a man of my word, I have been chipping away at TryHackMe again and I’ve nearly regained H4CK3R rank again (Level 8) used to be G0D (Max Level) and upwards but after my ‘great reset’ it’s nice to get back into the swing of things.

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Upwork is a mistake...


I decided to look into Upwork after seeing it trending on twitter ( or whatever)

This was a mistake…..

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The NFC 'Exploit'


I have a quick thread on Twitter for this - LINK … But if you want the condensed version:

So my understanding of the NFC exploit is that… NFC does what it has always done. Very high level I know but NFC has always been about doing something to a touch, when programmable tags came out I would use them as ‘check-in’ spots for 4square.

The fact this ‘programmability’ has been left mostly untouched for years isn’t so much a CVE as it is just lazy working. Some people adopted ‘NFC’ and love it, others aren’t too fussed about it, and that’s fine. The effective range of an attack is centimetres.

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HTB Walkthrough - Find The Easy Pass

Managed to bring this blog post out of the mothballs and get it up.

A quick guide/walkthrough for ‘Find The Easy Pass’ on HackTheBox

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